The Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference of 2017 Was Held Successfully

 SHOWA-TBEA (SHANDONG) CABLEACCESSORIES CO., LTD held annual work summary and commendation conferenceof 2017 at multi-media conference room on January 30th, 2018. It summarized mainwork of the company in 2017 comprehensively and objectively, arranged tasks of 2018,and commended workers who had set good examples to others in various positionsand had made outstanding contributions to the development of company.
    At the conference, the general manager, Mr NAhimtate made a report about work in 2017 and also made arrangements of 2018.He pointed out that the company and the staff focused on overall goal set bythe board, carried out work firmly and orderly in accordance with requirements,and coped with the impact of external economic risks effectively. Thefollowings were achievements that the staff made of 2017: the domestic and foreignmarkets increased steadily, the internal lean managements continued toconsolidate, and standardized operation & technology innovation improved constantly.It was common efforts
of the staff that guaranteedstable and healthy developments of company in despite of difficult economicenvironment. The general manager affirmed achievements of all departments andpointed out directions for further work. Subsequently, the deputy generalmanager read the decisions to commend, and awarded certifications to advancedworkers.

New opportunities, new challenges and new developments arewaiting for us. Under strong leadership of the board, we hope that alldepartments of the company will be full of confidence, learn from each otherwith same trade and strengthen cooperations with superior enterprises. We alsoneed to have innovative ideas, finish our basic tasks with high specificationsand strict requirements. We should strive to create a new situation, try ourbest to ensure realization of target tasks of the new year and make greatercontributions to the stable and healthy development of the company.

On the occasion of the Chinese traditional Spring Festival, wishthe staff in company and friends who care about and support the development of ourcompany a happy Spring Festival and all the best.