2018 Middle East InternationalExhibition of Electricity, Lighting and New Energy was held at DubaiInternational Exhibition Center, UAE, from March 6th to 8th. TBEA-SWCC, as aworld-class manufacturer of cable accessories, together with Shandong LunengTaishan Cable Co., Ltd. demonstrated brand strength of TBEA-SWCC to the world.During the exhibition, many customers visited our exhibits, and our staff incharge of the exhibition warmly welcomed more than 100 customers from UAE,Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, India and Iran. Our staff and customers had hot discussionson agency cooperation and engineering project subcontract. At the same time, theyhave also studied standards of cable enterprises in Middle East, Japan, SouthKorea, Europe and the United States. This is the third Exhibition that TBEA-SWCChas participated in the exhibition. We show our company's world-classproduction, testing equipments, quality assurance and after-sales service by wayof video, pictures, samples and brochures. The test reports approved byinternational authoritative organizations and achievements of HV projects athome and abroad have fully demonstrated advantages of manufacture integration,which integrates design, manufacture, installation and test of HV cables andaccessories. Manufacture integration can effectively broadcast TBEA brand,expand customer & project resources, and is of great benefit to develop theMiddle East market.