The Third Basketball League was Held Successfully

In order to enrich recreationallife of the staff, cultivate the team spirit of the staff, strengthen cohesiveforce in enterprise, the Third Basketball League was held successfully from May21st to 28th. Departments responded positively,organizing their own teams to participate in the game; cheerleading has been cheeringfor basketball players actively; welfare staff did a good job for logisticalsupport; referees made fair and impartial judgements and all basketball playerscompeted friendly, holding the belief that competition comes after friendship.After a fierce round robin competition, three united departments, that is, GeneralAffairs Department, Financial Department and Engineering Department won thechampionship, Manufacturing Department got the second place, and Quality-ControlDepartment got the third place.

The basketball matches not onlyshow the vitality of employees, but also enhance friendship and collectivesense of honor of staff, showing TBEA-SWCC good spirits of solidarity, harmonyand enterprising spirit. In the future, the company will organize more colorfulactivities to enrich staff’s recreational life, strengthen culture constructionof the company and promote its rapid development.