The Semi-Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference of 2018 Was Held Successfully

SHOWA-TBEA(SHANDONG) CABLE ACCESSORIES CO., LTD held the semi-annual work summaryand commendation conference of 2018 at multi-media conference room on July 19th,2018. It summarized main work of the company in the first half of 2018 comprehensivelyand objectively, arranged the task of the second half of this year, andcommended workers who have set good examples to others in various positions andhave made outstanding contributions to the development of company.
    At the conference, the generalmanager, Mr TATEISHI AKITO made a report about work of first half of this year andalso made arrangements of the latter half. He pointed out that under thecorrect leadership of the board and leading groups, the staff of the companylearnt actively from outstanding enterprises in the same industry, speeded uptheir own innovative capability and did good jobs in production and operationin spite of lots of difficulties. At the same time, much progress andbreakthrough have been made in production structure adjustment, research &development in major projects and strategic cooperation with superiorenterprises. All   efforts above laid asolid foundation in opening up new markets and new profit growth. The generalmanager affirmed achievements of all departments and pointed out directions forfurther work. Subsequently, the deputy general manager read the decisions to commend,and awarded certifications to advanced workers.

The conference summarized thepast achievements, makes a clear direction for the development of the company,sounding the horn for the future. Facing the severe competition pressure in thisindustry, our task of innovation-driven development is arduous and theresponsibility is big. Under the strong leadership of the board, all employeesof the company should concentrate our efforts, work hard and try to improve productionquality and work efficiency. I think we can create a new situation of innovationand development, achieve a new leap and create a brighter future for STCA!