The company organized 2019 annual fire drills

On May 25th,in order to enhance the employees' fire safety awareness and self-rescueability, the company invited Xinwen Fire Squadron instructors to explain firesafety knowledge and organized a fire evacuation and self-rescue drill.

First of all,the fire instructor conducted a systematic fire safety theory training for allemployees in the conference room. After the training, the fire drill officially started.After the fire alarm sounded, the general commander of the drill issued an emergency rescue plan. All the employees were evacuated in an orderly manner. The alert group, the rescue team and the medical team performed their duties and successfully completed the drills. Finally, the fire instructors used the fire hoses,water guns and fire extinguishers on the scene to explain the fire fighting knowledge.

This firetraining drill not only enhanced the fire safety awareness of the company'sentire staff, but also improved the awareness of the fire hazard. At the sametime, it improved the emergency response capability of everyone's emergenciesand the skills of fire fighting and self-rescue!