The report meeting on STPS improvement results in the second half of 2021 was successfully held

On January 26, the report meeting on the results of STPS improvement activities in the second half of 2021 was successfully held in the multimedia conference room on the fourth floor of the office building. The company's home-based leading group served as a judge and attended the report meeting.

Under the careful guidance of Japanese quality expert general manager Mr.Katsumi, deputy general manager Mr.Sato, and department ministers, after nearly half a year of careful preparation, repeated polishing, and modification, 9 groups of topics finally made a wonderful appearance at this conference. Per the established publication order, each group published reports on the implementation of their improvement activities and improvement results, covering new product R & D, efficiency improvement, and other aspects. After careful evaluation and scoring by the judges on-site, two groups of topics stood out and won the best award, three groups of topics won the excellent award, and four groups of topics won the good award. The quality assurance department and the manufacturing department each have a group of topics, which were finally recommended to participate in the current China Conference.

At the meeting, general manager Mr. Katsumi made wonderful comments on the topics of this issue. He stressed that STPS activities are one of the important tools to achieve the company's 14th five-year plan goals. By continuously promoting improvement activities, the company can be guaranteed to have the most advanced technology, produce high-quality products, and have high-level quality assurance ability, So that the company has been in a virtuous circle. It is hoped that all departments of the company will unite as one, cooperate with each other, effectively promote the business of their departments and forge ahead towards the goal of the 14th five-year plan!