Bangladesh Baresa 400kV project passed the completion test at one time

On February 19, Bangladesh Baresa 400kV project passed the completion test at one time. Our company supported TBEA luneng cable to provide “Cable + Accessories + construction”integrated service for this project.

The construction team composed of our company and TBEA luneng cable set out for Bangladesh on December 20, 2021. After arriving at the project site, the construction team actively coordinated and assisted the owner in promoting the preliminary preparations. Facing the challenge of tight construction period and heavy tasks of the project, the construction team overcame difficulties, cooperated sincerely, earnestly did their own epidemic prevention, strictly implemented the process construction process, and finally completed the product installation on time, winning the double victory of epidemic prevention and control and project construction.

The project is the first long-distance 400kV line in Bangladesh and the first 400kV project independently constructed overseas by our company, which is of great significance. Our company's high-quality product quality and exquisite construction technology of the construction team have been highly praised and affirmed by the owner. The successful completion of the project has further established a good image of Showa TBEA cable accessories brand in South and Southeast Asian markets.