Power transmission and operation of Guangxi Longtan Hydropower Station 500kV project

On May 23, 2022, our key service project, Guangxi Longtan Hydropower Station 500kV project was successfully put into operation. All 500kV cable accessories used in this project were provided and installed by us.

The construction of this project coincided with the recurring epidemic in thecountry, which had many impacts on the construction of cable accessories and placed higher demands. Our company has selected a strong construction teamcomposed of capable personnel to comprehensively carry out the relevant epidemic prevention work before mobilization following the relevant epidemic prevention requirements of the local government and the owner. After entering the worksite, in addition to strictly implementing the epidemic prevention regulations, the construction team also faced problems such as short construction period, heavy tasks, hot weather, and narrow construction space,etc.We actively dealt with them, overcome difficulties, balanced progress,safety, and quality, and finally completed the construction of cableaccessories with high standards and quality, and passed the completion acceptance test in one go. The company's construction team's high level of construction techniques and professional work style ensured the successful completion of the project and the delivery of electricity, which was unanimously praised by the owner.