YJZWC-J 66-500kV Porcelain type outdoor termination

YJZWC-J  66-220kV瓷套式户外终端

YJZWC-J 66-220kV Porcelain type Outdoor Termination
The 66kV~500 kV outdoor termination consists of stress cones, insulating materials such as insulating bushings, and metals such as protective tail tubes and leading rods. It has a simple structure with stable performance. The stress cone is manufactured in a clean room by using high-quality silicon rubber. The insulating bushings can be provided with porcelain-type ones and/or composite ones in accordance with customer requirements.The main insulating elements shall be subjected to strict inspection after production in accordance with the relevant national standards and/or international standards
66-220kV Stress Cone Structure with Integral Hardware
-With the patent technology from SWCC SHOWA
The stress cone body and its fixing metal are pre-fabricated in the factory together.This stress cone structure has the same electrical insulation property and insulation oil sealing effect compared to the traditional Japanese epoxy resin seat, stress cone, compression device structure, but the stress cone structure is simpler and easier to be installed.This stress cone structure has a more stable electrical performance compared to the European silicon rubber structure with tape wrapping due to the accurate location of the stress cone and the enhanced surface pressure at the starting point by the fixing metal. Moreover, the cable’s conductor shielding layer is completely isolated from the insulating oil so that this completely avoids the increased resistance phenomenon caused by expansion.
Rated Voltage Applicable cable dimensions
66kV    150-1600mm2
110kV   240-2000mm2
220kV   400-2500mm2 
500kV   800-2500mm2
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