YJZGG-S 66-220kV Gas Immersed Termination

YJZGG-S 66-220kV Gas Immersed Termination
The 66kV-220kV GIS consists of a EPDM stress cone, an insulating material such as epoxy bushing and metals such as a compression unit and a protective tail tube. the surface pressure between the stress cone and the cable insulator is maintained by the compression device so as to guarantee its long-term behavior stable.
The main insulating elements shall be subjected to strict inspection after production in accordance with the relevant national standards and/or international standards. 
Characteristics of plug-in termination
The epoxy bushing shall be pre-installed in the GIS switchgear / transformer. Only insert the processed cable ends into the bushings without opening the compartment between the GIS switchgear / transformer at the construction site.
The insulating plugs shall match with the epoxy bushings. The tests such as the electrical performance of the GIS switchgear / transformers can be carried out in the factory to inspect and confirm so as to ensure the performance of the equipment.
The plug-in terminations of the SWCC SHOWA have been widely used as standards by major Japanese equipment manufacturers, which account for 90% of the Japanese market.
In recent years, this has gradually been accepted by the power equipment manufacturers in Taiwan China, Korea, Middle East, China, Russia and other countries and regions.
Rated voltage Applicable cable dimensions
66kV 150-1600mm2
110kV 240-2000mm2
220kV 400-2500mm2
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