YJZGG-L 66-500kV SF6 Gas Immersed Termination

Outdoor Termination
Gas Immersed Termination

YJZGG-L 66-500kV SF6 Gas Immersed Termination
Product Overview:

In accordance with customer requirements, STCA can both manufacture and provide traditional compression-type cable terminations. The design concept of the insulation and surface pressure of this cable termination is completely consistent with that of the plug-in termination. The following materials of this cable termination such as the stress cone are sufficiently interchangeable. The stability of this cable termination has been proved by substantial outstanding achievements.

Rated voltage Applicable cable dimensions
66kV    150-1600mm2
110kV  240-2000mm2
220kV  400-2500mm2
220kV  800-2500mm2