YJJY 66-110kV Y-Branch Joint

YJJY 66-110kV Y-Branch Joint  

   The Y-branch joint consists of an epoxy piece and three sets of stress cone, and maintains the surface pressure between the stress cone and the cable insulator through a compression device. A single strand of cable can be branched into two strands of cable by this product, and this can be applied widely in additional laying of cable.
According to customer requirements, a coffin box can be used optionally. A Y-branch joint without coffin box can also meet waterproof requirements due to its epoxy piece and protective tail tubes with plastic waterproof coating.

Characteristics of the Y-branch joint
This Y-branch joint is equipped with such an outstanding plug-in structure of STCA that it has a high reliability. Moreover, its connecting materials can be sufficiently interchangeable with the GIS/transformer terminations of the same specifications.
A single line can be pre –run through the Y-branch joint’s supporting insulating plugs, and if necessary, can be connected to additional laid lines later.
The Y-branch joint of STCA has the minimum dimensions and weight in the industry compared to its intra-class products so that it can also be applied even in a narrow construction well.
The Y-branch joint is such a dry-type structure without oil-filling or air-inflation that there is no need to maintain regularly and there is no fire hidden trouble.
This product has passed the GB qualification approval.

Rated voltage Applicable cable dimensions
66kV      150-1600mm2
110kV    240-1200mm2